Natural food. Natural living.

“Five years ago I set up Ossa Organic having discovered the incredible benefits of bone broth while pregnant with my first child. It has made a huge difference to our lives and our health. Since then, we have lived our lives eating mostly paleo and avoiding inflammatory foods whilst cooking nourishing and delicious meals for the family.”

Catherine written name

Catherine Farrant, Founder.

Tradition not trend.

We believe in the restorative, healing properties of natural food. We’ve developed foods that focus on established methods and the best organic ingredients.

Our foods are not fashion-led. They are time-proven ways to ingest valuable nutrients into the body, supporting a healthy lifestyle. They are always cooked or made by hand and never processed.

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The Bone Broth. double concentrate.

We’ve taken our free range chicken bone broth and slowed things down… increasing the cooking time up to 48 hours to help facilitate the release of glycine, proline, calcium, gelatine, magnesium, phosphorous, and potassium. The result is a rich and gelled broth, dark in colour and full of flavour.

Enhance daily dishes with a spoonful of delicious, collagen-rich broth or, for the quickest broth ‘hit’ just add to hot water and drink.

The story so far.


What began as a lifestyle for Catherine and her family, forms the foundations for a business based around traditional, healthy food.


Ossa connects a small, agile team who are are passionate about gut health and nutrition, and its link to wellbeing.

Our original beef bone broth launches.

The Bone Broth Beef as part of The Gut Reset by Ossa


Education forms the heart of our brand – inspiring people to try a new recipe, routine or even lifestyle!

Range expands to chicken, fish & vegan broths.

The Vegan Broth as part of The Gut Reset by Ossa


We launch grass fed, organic natural fats The Ghee & The Tallow.

We’re recognised with B-Corp membership.

Natural fats by Ossa Organic


Our first chilled drink launches. An Apple Cider Vinegar based tonic with raw turmeric, ginger and honey.

We’re are a Honouree in the B-Corp Best for World awards.

A.C.V + Raw Honey, Turmeric and Ginger by Ossa Organic


Our double concentrate bone broth comes to market.

Ossa wins South African micro business of the year at the CoC Awards.

Double concentrate broths by Ossa
Ossa Organic are a BCorp honouree for environment

Accountability and sustainability is at the heart of the Ossa vision.

One of our first initiatives as a business was to become a B Corporation, an international collective of businesses that balances purpose and profit and consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.

We became a registered B Corp within the second year of trading and were awarded B Corp’s “Best for Environment” honouree for our all sustainable supply chain.

At Ossa we are proud of our all sustainable supply chain, using only premium local and organic ingredients and we are thrilled to be featured alongside other likeminded companies.

Ossa is B-Corp certified
Ossa is Soil Association registered
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