The History of Bone Broth

In order to appreciate the culinary tradition and well-being properties of bone broth, you need to learn about the bone broth history first. Here is a quick reminder of why we should all bring bone broth benefits into everyday health!

Early Bone Broth History

Various cultures around the world have been making bone broth for thousands of years now. More than 2,500 years ago, in Chinese medicine, the bone broth was used to strengthen the kidneys and support the digestive health. It subsequently became a staple of traditional Asian meals, and nowadays it is frequently used as the base for various Chinese, Korean and Japanese soups. In ancient Greece, the father of medicine Hippocrates was also recommending it for cleansing and digestion issues. A South American proverb which holds that “a good broth can resurrect the dead” also explains the rich bone broth history.

Bone Broth Around the World

In the 12th century, bone broth gained popularity and became known as the “Jewish penicillin” after the famous physician Maimonides started prescribing chicken soup to his patients. He described it as “an excellent food as well as medication”. Since then bone broth varieties have been used more and more widely all over the world. It is now even prepared in areas with a hot climate, such as the Caribbean. The famous “cow foot soup” breakfast is incredibly rich in collagen and strengthening, so people there like indulging themselves with a big bowl of it in the morning.

Bone broth has many names. The French call it “bouillon”. The Spanish and Portuguese know it as “caldo”. In Italy, it goes by the name “brodo”.

Bone broth history throughout the years proves that the liquid gold has kept its reputation for numerous health benefits and incredible taste for a long time. And that is where a big part of its magic lies!

Bone Broth Today

The recent rise of the Paleo diet and other health movements have led to the huge popularity of bone broth. Packed with vitamins and minerals, it has become one of the trendiest traditional health foods around. But in order to gain from its health benefits, you need to stick to your roots. Choose organic ingredients and bones from grass-fed animals and see the healing power of broth for yourself!

We, in Ossa Organic, believe that natural, traditional food has a special place in every modern kitchen. That is why we are proud to be preparing the delicious Ossa Organic bone broth special for you!