The Bone Broth is a great coffee replacement



The Bone Broth is a simple, convenient base for soups and stews, enhancing dishes with valuable nutrients for the whole family.

A radiant staple ingredient for day to day use and an elixir for gourmet cooking endeavours.

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Try The Bone Broth as the ultimate healthy coffee replacement. Not a drop of caffeine in sight, just a natural and alternative way to start your day.

In contrast to caffeine, drinking The Bone Broth can help support a healthy immune system in times of intense work or stress.


Bone broth contains collagen, amino acids, calcium,
gelatin and magnesium.

Great added to green juice or warmed neat, The Bone Broth is a light but effective pre-workout routine. Post training, add to smoothies to aid recovery.

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In addition to being a source of nutrients for children in their developmental years, The Bone Broth is perfect for teething babies, who often lose their appetites, and can benefit from vitamins and minerals in liquid form.

The Bone Broth is also an excellent alternative for babies & children who are dairy and or soy intolerant.


Try as a subtle ingredient in Asian-style sweet or savoury coconut soups.

Add depth of flavour while knowing you’re getting a healthy boost of valuable nutrients.


Freeze in ice cube trays for a convenient way to enhance daily dishes.

Add nutrients and richness to cooked recipes or use straight from the freezer in smoothies or juices.

The Tallow by Ossa



Stable at high temperatures, tallow is ideal for shallow or deep frying.


Great for roasting or baking, it has a neutral flavour for added versatility.


Yes, you. The Tallow is perfect skin food! Apply to face and body for soft, supple skin.