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The story so far

Belief in the power of natural food

ossa organic


What began as a lifestyle for Catherine and her family, forms the foundations for a business based around traditional, healthy food.

ossa organic


Ossa connects a small, agile team who are are passionate about gut health and nutrition, and its link to wellbeing.

Our original beef bone broth launches.

ossa organic


Education forms the heart of our brand – inspiring people to try a new recipe, routine or even lifestyle!

Range expands to chicken, fish & vegan broths.

ossa organic


We launch grass fed, organic natural fats The Ghee & The Tallow.

We’re recognised with B-Corp certification.

ossa organic


Our first chilled drink launches. An Apple Cider Vinegar based tonic with raw turmeric, ginger and honey.

We’re are a Honouree in the B-Corp Best for World awards.

ossa organic


Our double concentrate bone broth comes to market.

Ossa wins South African micro business of the year at the CoC Awards.

ossa organic


We continue to focus on pushing product development for health and wellbeing.

Our first adaptogenic broth launches - organic beef bone broth with maca and sea spaghetti.

ossa organic


We launch collagen and gelatin supplments and a range of 3 ambient organic bone broths.

We continue to expand our network of retailers and build sales through our own e-commerce platform.