Bone Broth, the new cappuccino? Forget caffeine, Barista Style Bone Broth Bars have hit Central London


Gut Health has quickly become more than a trend but has become a movement in wellness setting the charge for 2020.


High in protein, collagen, magnesium and amino acids, Bone Broth has been the chosen nutrient rich elixir for many seeking to support their digestive health and as a foundation for overall wellbeing.


Hot off the heels of Bone Broth Bars in New York, where it is hailed as the new coffee due to its natural (caffeine free!) energy benefits, Now, Planet Organic and Selfridges in London have opened their first pop-up Bone Broth Bar with Ossa Organic, encouraging customers to swap their morning coffee for a cup of nourishing bone broth.


The Bone Broth (beef) also has 18 grams of protein and 6g of collagen per 500ml and offers a whole-food source of collagen that is clean and organic to support immunity and a healthy digestive system.


CEO and Founder of Ossa, Catherine Farrant says, “For a long time, bone broth has been a highly versatile, nutritional base for cooking and drinking and now we are able to bring this to busy London consumers direct and by the cup.”


“In partnering with Planet Organic we are able to bring our Bullet Broth Bar to Londoners on the go, serving the first keto-fuelled and caffeine free drink of its kind. Planet Organic were one of our key retailers when we first began, they continue to be at the cutting edge of organic and natural food in London and we couldn’t think of a better partner to promote The Bone Broth Revolution!” She says.

Planet Organic Senior Buyer Sophie Davies says, ‘Since launching Ossa in stores 5 years ago we have seen a growing demand for bone broth and now up there amongst our best-selling fresh products. As more of our customers are reaping the benefits of bone broth and consider it part of their diet and lifestyle, switching their morning flat white for a cup of bone broth is a natural evolution.’


The Broth Bar menu includes Ossa’s adaptogenic Bone Broth in Beef with Maca and Sea Spaghetti, Traditional Slow Cooked Free Range Chicken and The Keto Bullet Broth blended with MCT oil and The Ghee (organic and grass fed clarified butter), all served on the go barista style with your choice of herbs and spices.


The Ossa Broth Bar is Open in Selfridges London 12-6pm until the 20th and every Monday to Friday 12-3pm at Planet Organic Westbourne Grove and Planet Organic Torrington place until the end of January.


See you there soon!


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