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Where do you deliver?
  • We deliver all around mainland Britain, excluding Highlands and Islands.
Do you ship Abroad:
  • Yes, we do! We ship in Poland, Germany. However, please be aware that it will take longer than usual, and the shipping cost is elevated.
How Should I store my broths when it arrives?
  • Your broths will be delivered to you in Frozen in recyclable insulated boxes. Once received, please store in freezer and follow use by date or enjoy by thawing in the fridge (use within 7 days) once opened, keep refrigerated and use within 3-5 days.
My broth arrived partially defrosted. Can I still put in the freezer?
  • Yes! Our guidance is that as long as there are still ice in the pouches they will be okay to store in the freezer for their full shelf-life. Is your products are certified Kosher/Halal? • Yes, only our Grass-Fed Collagen is Certified Kosher/Halal
How long do I need to wait once I placed my order?
  • Monday and Wednesday is our dispatch days for next day delivery. Once place order on the Friday or weekend you will receive your broths on Tuesday.
Can I return my broths?
  • No, as our broths are perishable. I got incorrect broths. • We will replace the incorrect broths once we have confirmed this to our warehouse team and we will resend it as soon as possible.
My Boost Jar has sediments, why is this?
  • In larger preparations, jars may have clear broths from the top of the pots, while some may contain sediments from the bottom parts of the pots, both derived from the protein elements in the bones.
What is the difference between BOOST Bone Broths and Bone Broths?
  • Bone Broths – is a slow cooked organic chicken, lamb and beef bone broth made from the highest quality meat bones and allowed to forage on organic pastures and locally grown organic vegetables.
  • Bone Broth Boost – made with organic vegetables and 36% bones. Organic, slow cooked beef bone broth now as a cupboard staple. This boost has a long shelf-life, and you can store in a room temperature.
What is the shelf-life of the Tallow Jar and Ghee after opening?
  • After opening store in the refrigerator or cool pantry for up to 2 months
Can I amend my subscription?
  • You can amend the contents of your order/bundle subscriptions earlier than the set date by contacting us at hello@ossaorganic.com
If I use the broths in a recipe, can I freeze the portions?
  • Yes, if you use our broths as an ingredient in a recipe it becomes something new, with its own best before date. Depending on what you make, it may be suitable to portion out for freezing. Soups are especially great for this.
How many portions in a pouch?
  • For our standard pouches (500g) this will serve approximately 4 small cups, 2 large mug or 3 bowls.
Can I drink it cold?
  • Our broths must be brought to a boil before consuming, either by cooking in a recipe or heating then drinking. Once boiled, you can cool the broth and add it to a drink or recipe.
Can I microwave from frozen?
  • We don’t advise this, instead. Please defrost fully in the fridge before microwaving to ensure even heating.
Can I drink your broths during pregnancy?
  • As long as you stick to the storage and serving instructions, and use the product within the expiry date, our broths are usually suitable during pregnancy; However, please do seek your own medical advise if you’re unsure.
Is your beef grass-fed?
  • Yes, all the cattle that we work with are British and soil association organic. The standards state that their diet must be mostly made up of grass (over 60%) this is more than just grass-finished and is known as grass-fed in the U.K
Are you chickens free-range?
  • Yes, our broths is made from chicken sourced from farms where they are free-range and certified organic. They are fed on a mix of organic wheat, organic soya & organic sunflower.
What type of bones do you use?
  • We use a range of mixed organic bones to ensure minimal waste and variety of collagen and flavour. If you have any questions about a specific broth in our range, please do get in touch at hello@ossaorganic.com and we’ll be happy to help