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IT'S A #gutfeeling

Building belief in the power of natural food

Our vision is clear - that by incorporating natural organic foods into your daily routine you can help promote health and wellbeing.

Listening to, and respecting our community

We understand the passion and knowledge which exists in our community and we thrive and learn from seeing how our products are used and adapted into daily life.

Ossa Organic’s The Bone Broth is my medicine when I need an immune boost – packed full of protein, minerals and vitamins. It is also slow cooked, retaining all the goodness.
Ryan Carter – @livevitae

“The Ghee has the most amazing flavour, I could eat it by the spoonful, a very luxurious product. Almost too good to cook with so will use the tallow for cooking. You can tell both products have been made with care and the best ingredients. Well worth the money and will definitely be buying more.”

Julietatthesea, Amazon

“I will be buying loads of Ossa Organic chicken bone broth soup and freezing it for this term after cold footie matches. Added some bacon bits to this bone broth soup and the kids loved it. Super food, super quick.